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Thank you for your interest in matriculating your child in our School.
Most information about the process of/requirements for admission can be found in the following sections concerning procedures, policies, etc. Background information on the School can be found on other pages of this website ... "General Information", "Academic Programmes", "Fees and Quotas", "Photos around School", etc..
After the 1st of March each year we begin to consider all corresponding applications for the FOLLOWING School Year and we offer periodic group appointments for interviews and evaluations. This evaluation process would include a tour of the School and informative presentations by the Academic Directors. We do accept applications for immediate admission (up to the month of August in any one year) and we can accept applications for the 2017 and 2018 School Years.
Our entry level is at the Early Years 1 level (Kinder) for students with a minimum age of 4 years and 3 months on the 15th of February that year and the vast majority of applications received will be for this level. Hence our Matriculation process is directed almost exclusively at that level. With few spaces available and by the level of English required, it is very difficult for the school to later accept non-native English speaking students into the Early Years 2 and Primary levels. In Secondary School, subject to placement tests.
With the following exception, we can accept new students into most Secondary School levels subject to a placement test. However, unless he / she had already completed the first year of the 2-year IGCSE or IB programme and we could offer them the corresponding second year course of studies, then we would be reluctant to accept new students into Senior 5 (10th grade) and Senior 7 (12th grade).
To request an application form, please contact the school at
The following is a guide to the process of applying for admission. Prospective parents are asked to:
• Complete a standard application form for each prospective student and return it to the School Office or email address
• Read the School’s “General Information and Regulations” manual and the official Brochure.
• Attend an initial interview with one of the Directors or Heads of School where the School’s Philosophy, Mission and Curriculum can be explained and…
• Tour the School’s grounds and facilities.
In addition, a placement test or a test of maturity is required of each prospective student.

[/toggle] [toggle title="Admission Policy"]

IN GENERAL: Admission to the School shall be determined by the Professional Teaching/Administrative Staff and the process shall be carried out according to corresponding Articles II.i – iv in the School’s official Regulations. The School is not legally obliged to accept all applications for enrolment. It has the right of refusal if a) There is reason to believe the admission is not in the best interests of either the applicant or the School, or b) if there are no places available in the corresponding grade level. Throughout the Admission/Placement procedure, the Administration shall endeavour to determine a) that the applicant has the potential to benefit from the educational services offered by the School and b) that the School has the capacity to meet the educational needs of the applicant. The School shall not admit or continue to matriculate students where these requirements cannot be met.
ADVICE: It can be difficult to integrate a new student later in to the Early Years 2 and lower Primary levels. We advise all parents that entry at the Early Years 1 (Kinder) level is often the only viable option.
The school does not have the resources to offer a “special needs” programme and could accept students with serious learning difficulties only under the condition that the family pays for all of the additional costs involved in providing an adequate education for that student.

[/toggle] [toggle title="Procedures and Requirements"]

II. a) Consideration by the School for the admission of a student shall be based upon the satisfactory completion of several procedures. Where appropriate, these shall be: i) that the student’s parent(s) present a complete, signed, standard application form; ii) that the potential student produces an acceptable performance on a grade-level appropriate, standard placement test designed to determine the student's present level of academic competence, principally in English, Mathematics and Spanish, according to the School's own standards, iii) an interview with the student and/or the student's parent(s) and iv) the presentation of certain documents that are required by the school itself, the Ministry of Education and the National Insurance Institute (see “DOCUMENTATION” below).
II.b ) The acceptance of a student into a particular grade level shall be based upon: i) the student’s age,  ii) the quality of student’s school reports over (at least) the previous 2 years, iii) the grade levels already successfully completed by the student and iv) the results of the previously mentioned placement tests and interview.
II. c) With respect to applications to enrol students immediately during any School Year or after the mid-year break (July/August), if there is competition for available spaces, priority shall be given to applications from families whose child(ren) need to continue receiving a British/International oriented education.
II. d) With respect to applications to enrol students for the following School Year during the period of the annual matriculation process, if there is competition for available spaces, then the school shall give priority to applications in a manner that complies with the School Regulations (Articles II. i – iv) whereby present students and their brothers and sisters are given preference.
II.e) ENTRANCE AGE: the Costa Rican Ministry of Education Regulations indicate that, by the 15th of February of the corresponding year, a child should have attained 6 years and 3 months in order to commence “formal” education in Primary 1 / Grade 1. These regulations are applied as a guideline for all grade levels to avoid any conflict with the Ministry's requirements for their certification of our students' studies. Nevertheless, the School reserves the right to test all candidates for admission to ensure that they possess a level of maturity sufficient to benefit from the learning experiences provided.
Exceptions to the above Ministry guidelines MAY be applied where the student will not require this certification by the Ministry.
II. f) LIMITED SPACE: The School shall offer a limited number of places in each grade level and accept registrations until those places are filled. The School aims to limit the maximum population to less than 900 students. This shall be determined by limiting class-size to a maximum of 20 students in “Early Years” and 22 students in all other levels and by opening up to a maximum of 4 classes per grade level in Early Years and Primary 1 and 2 and a maximum of 3 classes per grade level in Primary 3 to 5 and Senior 1 to 5. Nevertheless, at the highest levels, students are not taught in class groups but rather in small groups for optional subjects whereby the number of students in these classes should be approximately 12 - 15 but never exceed 24 students.

[/toggle] [toggle title="Required Documentation"] III) DOCUMENTATION: The final process of accepting the initial matriculation of a student shall be subject to the due presentation of certain documents.
III. a) At or before the time of any placement test or admission interview, the parents must provide (where appropriate) the following documentation in support of their application: i) the complete and correct application form, ii) the original and a copy of the student’s Birth Certificate or passport that provides evidence of name, age and nationality, iii) two passport-style photographs of the student and iv) copies of the student’s previous school reports.
III. b) In respect of the potential student, before parents can pay the Matriculation Fee, they must also provide: i) the official letter from the School offering a place for the student, ii) a signed agreement to the effect that the parents have read, understood and accept the Schools Regulations, iii) medical certification of the results of recent auditory and vision examinations of the student, iv) medical certification of the student’s record of immunizations, v) a copy of the School’s Medical Information sheet completed with all relevant details, vi) certification by any previous school(s) that the family does not have outstanding debts with them and vii) proof that the family has paid the Admission Cuota or Initial Deposit.
III. c) The fact that all required documents are present and completed correctly must be confirmed by signature of the School Secretary or a senior member of the Administration before the Matricula Fee can be paid at the Cashier’s Office. It is not the responsibility of the Cashier to carry out the revision of these documents.
III. d) The aforementioned documents shall constitute the student’s initial School Record. Although facsimiles and photocopies of letters and certificates may be accepted as a provisional measure, eventually parents shall be required (where feasible) to provide the original documents for the student’s School Record.
III. e) In exceptional cases, for reasons accepted BEFOREHAND by the Administration, the School will carry out placement testing and accept the Initial Matriculation of a student before receiving certain documents. These exceptions shall only be made in relation to: the photographs, the medical certifications and the previous school records. Nevertheless, if the documents have not been provided by the end of the next quarter (bimester), either: i) for the required photographs or medical certificates, the School shall make the necessary arrangements to obtain them and charge the cost to the parents or ii) in the absence of the required documents, the Initial Matriculation shall be made null and void.
III. f) For families arriving from overseas, the school itself does not require that the students´ previous School Reports / Transcripts be legalized and authenticated – we will contact any previous school directly. However, IF the student concerned will be studying and thereby require official certification of the official Ministry of Education programmes (Español, Estudios Sociales and Civica), then authentication of any Certification provided by a School, the previous annual School Reports or a Transcript covering the previous 2 or 3 years, will be required by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. Any such document(s) must be legalised / authenticated in their country of origin under the Apostille system (except in Canada).

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